Suntech is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer that was founded in 2001 by Dr. Zhengrong Shi. With 22 years of experience in the solar industry, Suntech is often credited as being the first company in China to commercialize solar panel manufacturing, establishing and growing the solar industry in China and worldwide. The company achieved this by offering innovative technology, high-quality, and low-cost solar panels that made solar energy more accessible and affordable to homeowners and corporations alike. Suntech’s success has inspired and driven innovation in the solar industry, leading to more cost-effective and efficient solar energy today.


In 2005, Suntech went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), becoming the first solar panel manufacturer from China to do so. This successful IPO established Suntech as a major player in the renewable energy industry, leading to rapid growth and expansion over the next few years. The company opened production facilities in China, Europe, and the United States, and its solar panels were used in a wide range of applications.



Suntech provided 1,906 panels, 384 kW solar array with Pluto enabled technology to provide solar power for Sydney Opera House project.

1. The solar installation’s completion was commemorated at a switch-on event hosted by Sydney Theatre Company Artistic Directors Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton.
2. As Suntech is founded by Dr Zhengrong Shi, an Australian citizen, this project was made possible by an A$2 million donation from Shi’s Family Foundation, representing Dr. Zhengrong Shi and his wife Vivienne Shi. Installed and integrated by DCM Solar, the 1,906 advanced Suntech solar panels comprise one of the largest capacity rooftop solar arrays in Sydney and Australia.
3. Sydney Theatre Company (STC) has been a major force in Australian drama since its establishment in 1978. The Company presents an annual season of diverse productions at its own venues at The Wharf and nearby Roslyn Packer Theatre at Walsh Bay, and as the resident theatre company of the Sydney Opera House.(the STC is one of the operation companies of Sydney opera house)

System Size:384 kW
Panel Quantity:1,906
Complection Date:2010
End Client: Sydney Theatre Company
Location: 15 Hickson Road, Dawes Point, NSW 2000


The rooftop installation was one of the largest of its kind in Australia upon completion
Power drawn from the grid by Sydney Theatre Company has been reduced by up to 70% due to the installation


Suntech has a global sales network in over 100 countries and regions, with cumulative historical shipments exceeding 40 GW. The company has representative offices in several countries, including China, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Dubai, as well as production facilities in multiple locations worldwide. This global presence has helped Suntech to establish itself as a major player in the solar industry, allowing it to take advantage of regional differences in solar demand and market conditions to drive growth and expansion.

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