Mibet Energy Rail Solar Racking System

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Key Features:

Mibet energy roof solar racking rail is made of Alu6005-T5 alloy. Solar aluminum profile rail is 4400mm(4.4 meters) in length. What’s more, customized of solar mounting rail is welcome, we make it as per your request.

Aluminum Solar Mounting System Rail Features

· Factory directly delivery with fast delivery;
· Made of high strength extrusion aluminum 6005-T5;
· Light weight and easy installation;
· You can customized the solar panel mount aluminum rail as per your exact need.

Mibet Solar Mounts Feature:

· Easy installation with pre-assembled components.
· Compatible with frame and frameless solar panels.
· Modular design
· Waterproof systems (select models)
· Tilt angles of 0 to 600
· High snow and wind load resistance.
· Upto 10 year warranty
· Al6005-T5(Anodized) hook (for tile roof mounts)
· HDPE floats (floating mounts)
· Corrosion resistant
· High structural strength

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